A Little About Me

This page is a work in progress so come back soon for more info or have a look at my other blogs in the link section 🙂

Hi, my name’s Emily and I like compartmentalising my life.

I have a lot of ideas which I rarely follow through, and because of this I have a lot of half-started, half-finished projects floating about. This page is a light-hearted attempt to bring them all together, into a kind of central base from which to work.

There’s a lot of creative stuff, travel stuff and anthropology stuff. I also like to collect odd things and I’m trying to find good ways to organise and display them. I’d like to get to know wordpress a little better, and I’m still trying out a lot of the things the internet has to offer in the way of compartmentalisation. There’s a chance this will become just one more unfinished project, but hey ho 🙂

The links to the right are the bits I currently have confidence in displaying, hopefully more will be added in the coming weeks 🙂


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